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Wallula Gap Hike

Glacial Fields & Shrub-Steppe

A slideshow of photographs from a 6 mile hike yesterday by the Columbia Basin Chapter of the Washington Native Plant Society. We walked the animal trails over glacial fields and shrub-steppe – up, up and up some more to be rewarded with a beautiful vista view of the Columbia river and Wallula Gap below. You’ll […]

Native Plant Appreciation Week

Native Plant Hike - Wallula Gap

A friend an I joined up with a local group of hikers to take in wildflowers and native grasses among shrub steppe and vistas created by the Ice Age Floods above Wallula Gap. A flock of pelicans flew over every once in a while, as if to check on our progress up the ridges. I’ve […]

Rocky Boy Pow Wow


This was the 49th annual Rocky Boy Pow Wow and my first. I was in awe of the heart, soul and beauty of those participating in the celebration of their heritage, young and old. Best viewed in 720hd. Like this:Like Loading…

Shy Farm Boy

Sad boy

Wow! Over three months since last post. What a fantastic summer it has been. Been busy shooting, but not blog posting. Here’s one to get me started with catching up. This is Teague, who was a model at a photography event I attended in August at Dog Mountain Farms near Carnation, WA. He was NOT […]

Beautiful Days of Autumn

Most of the leaves have fallen from the trees around here, and a chill is in the air. I did manage to get out with my camera before fall’s glory faded into the gray skies of winter. These were taken at a favorite spot of mine to visit because it’s close to home, peaceful, beautiful […]

Karlie & Diego

The Body Guard

Wow, it’s almost time for another Montana journey, and I haven’t yet had time to process my favorites from the last recent trip. Here are a few from a session with Karlie & Diego in July. I love spending time with Karlie and her horses. They’re so friendly and fun. The mosquitoes were not friendly […]

Wheat Field Photo Session


In the summer of 1979, my sister had her senior photo session in a field of golden wheat. Thirty years later, her and I made a trip down memory lane back out into that golden field to do a sequel. . . My lovely assistant – Karlie … Like this:Like Loading…

Taxed Enough Already

From the first TEA Party gathering in Richland, Washington. Like this:Like Loading…


Alex recently took up autocross with Sand & Sage Sports Car Club. Their last event was held June 29th out at Tri-City Raceway. It was our hottest day of the year yet with temperatures exceeding 100 degrees. In spite of the heat, I had some fun shooting, camera in one hand, water bottle in the […]

Fish For Dinner

I paid a visit to my favorite osprey nest while on a Saturday evening hike yesterday. The nest is at the end of Chamna Natural Preserve and overlooks the Yakima River. Looks like I showed up just in time for dinner. Momma was on the nest with the chicks and papa showed up with this […]

Shooting the Moon

My friend Tina called me tonight to tell me about a big fat beautiful moon rise taking place on the southeast horizon as we spoke. So after making lunch plans for later in the week with her, I headed down the highway and found a nice high spot to take this photo of the full […]

Pretty Windy

June has brought us a lot of cool and overcast days with some rain and lots of wind. I got tired of waiting around for the wind to die down and decided to get out and take a look at it from my side of the camera lens. I discovered that the wind I normally […]

Tina & Friends

I wish to congratulate my friend Tina for her most recent accomplishment of obtaining her bachelors degree in Liberal Arts at Washington State University Tri-Cities. Tina is an amazing woman! She has a job in the community that keeps her busy AND takes very good care of her family AND still found the time to […]

The Graduates

I attended a graduation ceremony May 9th at Washington State University Tri-Cities. It was a beautiful day to celebrate. I’ll be posting pics soon of my friend Tina and her friends who were among the 300+ graduates of that beautiful spring day. Like this:Like Loading…

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