Montana Adventures

I spent the most amazing two weeks in Montana with family and friends. I’ll be sharing photos of some of those adventures with you and also the people I spent time with. I met the beautiful Cassy and spent an afternoon with her in the scenic Bear Paw mountains doing her senior photo session.¬† My […]

Happy Birthday DeeDee

My sister is having a birthday. Doesn’t she look great! Can you believe she’s a grandma with 4 grandkids? Here’s a video to prove it showing pics and video of a day we got to spend together recently in Seattle … (Click on the HD button to see in high definition) Like this:Like Loading…

Taxed Enough Already

From the first TEA Party gathering in Richland, Washington. Like this:Like Loading…

Istock In Action

A graphic designer named Steven Plummer sent me an email today with a link to one of his latest designs featuring Ryana on the cover of a new book called In My Dreams I Can Dance. It’s a very beautifully designed book cover, and I am planning to purchase a copy for Ryana, whose birthday […]

A Time for Everything

As written and spoken aloud by my sister at our grandmother’s funeral service There is a time for everything under the sun; a time to be born and a time to die. Did you have time Grandma for everything from birth to 92? The many seasons for the activities under heaven that God has allowed […]

Letter from a Great Grandson

Nearly a week has come and gone since we laid my grandmother to rest. An empty void takes her place, along with a lifetime of memories of a grandmother who loved us and a legacy to live up to. One of my nephews had written a letter to her when he heard her illness was […]

Vivian Loves Dana!

I had the great pleasure of photographing Vivian & Dana’s wedding Sunday. I’m processing some beautiful images of them¬†with their families and friends. Here’s one of my favorites so far… It was a cold and windy February day, but Vivian was hot! Her baby grandaughter was at the ceremony and reception, but as you can […]

Sunday Surprise

I took a drive last Sunday morning to enjoy Saturday night’s fresh new snowfall before it melted away. I was lucky enough to cross paths with this pretty bald eagle who was taking a respite from fishing along the banks of the Columbia River. He was kind enough to pose for me 10 minutes or […]

Coat of Ice

Wow! A full night of freezing rain Saturday and snow all day Sunday. Weather report says we’re in for a couple more days of snow. Looks like my white Christmas came a little late. A foot of snow comes rarely to the Tri-Cities and has a nice way of slowing down the pace and adding […]

So Cold!

The high today was 25 degrees. Low tonight is 8 degrees. After all the mild weather we had in December, I thought we were on the home stretch toward spring. Not so. I’m not venturing very far from my pellet stove while home these days and nights. I don’t know how I’d ever get through […]

Sneak Peek

I’ve been working on Jay& Nikki’s wedding album. It’s coming along with just a few more spreads left to complete. The farther along I make it, the more excited I am to see the finished product. I know Nikki is too, so here’s a sneak peek at the first 50 pages… Jay & Nikki’s Wedding […]

Some Holiday Cheer

Christmas has come and gone like a whirlwind. Some favorite memories here . . . svgallery=christmas_07 Hope yours was nice too. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Like this:Like Loading…

Karlie & Gracie

Karlie’s been patiently waiting for a look of the photos from a previous session of her and Gracie. Here you go, Karlie. Enjoy! Like this:Like Loading…

Happy 50th RL!!

My brother-in-law turned 50 this week, and he still looks like a kid. I got some great shots of him and my sister with their friendly dog – Sadie. She loves the camera and insisted on being in every shot. svgallery=ddrl Like this:Like Loading…

Know Where You’re Going

I came across a thought-provoking fish story on the internet today … A boat docked in a tiny Greek village. An American tourist complimented the Greek fisherman on the quality of his fish and asked how long it took him to catch them. “Not very long,” answered the Greek. “But then, why didn’t you stay […]

Chris & Kira

It rained the day before AND the day after Chris and Kira’s wedding. But on September 29th, the only clouds in the powder blue sky were fluffy white ones. A perfect setting for the gathering of friends and family who came to be a part of Chris and Kira’s special day. It was a very […]

Karlie’s a senior!

I recently had the honor and the pleasure of a senior photo shoot with my gorgeous niece, Karlie. She’s as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. And she is a very talented and gifted young woman. Especially with her animals – particularly her horses. As we headed out to the pasture […]

Firemen at Work

A team of three firemen working on a house fire. Like this:Like Loading…

Dirty Jobs

Three firemen getting doused in the soot and chemical retardants being sprayed on a house fire. See my 911 Emergency Lightbox… Like this:Like Loading…

Fireman Looking Back

Fireman keeping an eye on the smoke and fire in the background. See my 911 Emergency Lightbox… Like this:Like Loading…

Fire Fighter Getting Some Air

One firefighter assists another get some air after a battle with the blaze. See my 911 Emergency Lightbox… Like this:Like Loading…

Old House on the Prairie

Old shack from better days gone by. Like this:Like Loading…

Pretty Pout

7 year old girl looking downward in a pretty pose. Like this:Like Loading…

House on Fire

T.V. antennae still standing on roof line as billowing smoke from this house fire overcomes it. Like this:Like Loading…

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