Love of Horses

Love of Horses

This video features footage from a photo session in Montana during September of 2012 with two of my nieces playing with and showing their love of horses on a beautiful autumn day.┬áMy niece Karlie took her favorite photographs and video from the shoot and put them together with a beautiful song. The weather was very […]

Forgotton Little Treaures

Girl With Tulip

While digging through old files on my computer looking for an old document, I am finding lots of forgotton little treasures. This is one of the first videos I ever did combining music with my photos, and although I was somewhat limited in editing tools and experience at the time, I loved seeing this “oldie” […]

Love At The Cross

Love At The Cross, originally uploaded by debi.bishop. Sometimes my camera just doesn’t pick up on what my heart sees. So with the help of a little Photoshop, I made a couple of adjustments to this image I took in August. This hill overlooks the land I grew up on, and the one cross on […]

Karlie & Diego

The Body Guard

Wow, it’s almost time for another Montana journey, and I haven’t yet had time to process my favorites from the last recent trip. Here are a few from a session with Karlie & Diego in July. I love spending time with Karlie and her horses. They’re so friendly and fun. The mosquitoes were not friendly […]

Wheat Field Photo Session


In the summer of 1979, my sister had her senior photo session in a field of golden wheat. Thirty years later, her and I made a trip down memory lane back out into that golden field to do a sequel. . . My lovely assistant – Karlie … Like this:Like Loading…

Happy Birthday DeeDee

My sister is having a birthday. Doesn’t she look great! Can you believe she’s a grandma with 4 grandkids? Here’s a video to prove it showing pics and video of a day we got to spend together recently in Seattle … (Click on the HD button to see in high definition) Like this:Like Loading…

Roger Graduates!

It’s that time of year again when four years of high school comes to an end for many young adults and marks the beginning of their grown-up lives. My nephew Roger graduated recently in Florida, and I was fortunate to be able to attend with my mother and sisters. A thunder storm was predicted graduation […]


is for Sand & Sage Sports Car Club. I shot some video last month at the April race day and it was fun! Have a looksee … Like this:Like Loading…

Day’s End

Got to end the day with a beautiful sunset in the company of Alex & Annie. Like this:Like Loading…

It’s a Great Day to be Four!

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Here Comes Spring!

Here Comes Spring!, originally uploaded by debi.bishop. Spring is marching in. Like this:Like Loading…


Alex recently took up autocross with Sand & Sage Sports Car Club. Their last event was held June 29th out at Tri-City Raceway. It was our hottest day of the year yet with temperatures exceeding 100 degrees. In spite of the heat, I had some fun shooting, camera in one hand, water bottle in the […]

Happy Father’s Day!

I’d like to wish a happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there today, but especially to my father who I love and cherish so much. He and my mother diligently raised five children. They now have 16 grandchildren and four great grandchildren. I’ve never known a harder worker than my father, who as […]

Tina & Friends

I wish to congratulate my friend Tina for her most recent accomplishment of obtaining her bachelors degree in Liberal Arts at Washington State University Tri-Cities. Tina is an amazing woman! She has a job in the community that keeps her busy AND takes very good care of her family AND still found the time to […]

May Day!

I was working on keywording in my photo archives, and I came across this image of Alex & Annie from May of 2005. My photography is a constant reminder to me of how fast time flies, and it seems to gain more speed with each passing year. It’s hard for me to believe that three […]

Happy Birthday Tallie

She celebrates her birthday today. She is four. And she is beautiful, inside and out. Oh, to be four again. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TALLIE!!! Like this:Like Loading…

In Memory


    My precious beautiful grandmother left this earth tonight to join my grandfather and her Lord and Saviour. I was so blessed to spend a couple weeks with her recently during the month of March. When it was time for me to return home, neither one of us wanted to let go or say […]

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