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Memory of Summer

Summer's over, but the memory lingers

Summer’s over, but it’s memory lingers on. A single drop of dew clings to a green leaf in the garden. Abstract macro photograph showing in brilliant detail the beauty in nature that exists all around us in our daily life. Image available on iStock. Like this:Like Loading…

Garden Warriors – Paper Wasp Squash Bug Terminators


This is the first year I’ve found squash bugs bugging me and my squash plants. It turns out though, that the paper wasps from a nearby nest love to eat baby squash bugs. So after rubbing the remaining eggs from under the leaves, not another squash bug was to be found the rest of the […]

Dancing Dandelions

Dancing Dandelions

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Summer Breeze & Busy Bees In The Demonstration Garden

Bees & Lavendar

I’m not a master of gardening, but I’ve been participating in the Benton-Franklin Master Gardeners program this year, and I’ve learned so much. Mostly how much there is still to learn. I have really enjoyed photographing at different times the beautiful demonstration garden next to the Mid-Columbia library in Kennewick. All the work is performed […]

Goodbye Summer

I can’t believe I’m having to cover the tomatoes already! The weather man says we’ll be dropping into the twenties tonight. Brrrrrrr! Where did the summer go? ¬†How did it end so fast? I made two trips to Montana and one to Florida and had an amazing time, but also had some summer fun close […]

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