Garden Warriors – Paper Wasp Squash Bug Terminators

This is the first year I’ve found squash bugs bugging me and my squash plants. It turns out though, that the paper wasps from a nearby nest love to eat baby squash bugs. So after rubbing the remaining eggs from under the leaves, not another squash bug was to be found the rest of the summer.

Many people are afraid of paper wasps and don’t like to have them around, but I’ve found that for the most part, if I just leave them be, they are too busy foraging and feeding their young to do me any harm. In addition to pest termination, wasps are also great pollinators in the garden.

  • Squash bug eggs for breakfast.
  • Wasp waiting for squash bug breakfast eggs to hatch.
  • Squash bug nymph - skeletonized remains left behind by wasp.
  • Mamma squash bug. Eeeew!

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