Sweet Childish Days… Portraits of Children


Sweet childish days, that were as long As twenty days are now. ~William Wordsworth I’ve added a new gallery to my portfolio today. It features some of my past sessions featuring children and portraits of them in all their innocence and glory. They grow up too fast, which is why I love to capture as […]

Forgotton Little Treaures

Girl With Tulip

While digging through old files on my computer looking for an old document, I am finding lots of forgotton little treasures. This is one of the first videos I ever did combining music with my photos, and although I was somewhat limited in editing tools and experience at the time, I loved seeing this “oldie” […]

Shy Farm Boy

Sad boy

Wow! Over three months since last post. What a fantastic summer it has been. Been busy shooting, but not blog posting. Here’s one to get me started with catching up. This is Teague, who was a model at a photography event I attended in August at Dog Mountain Farms near Carnation, WA. He was NOT […]

Goodbye Summer

I can’t believe I’m having to cover the tomatoes already! The weather man says we’ll be dropping into the twenties tonight. Brrrrrrr! Where did the summer go? ¬†How did it end so fast? I made two trips to Montana and one to Florida and had an amazing time, but also had some summer fun close […]


Birthday parties are fun times, and there were plenty of fun times to go around at Abagail’s recent birthday party where friends and family helped her celebrate turning two years old. It was held at Mid-Columbia Gymnastics Academy where there was lots of room to spread out and just have a good time. It went […]


This is Madeline. They call her Maddie. She is a beautiful baby girl approaching her fist birthday. Even though she’s just on the verge of walking, she had me on the run just trying to keep up with her. She’s a charming little person from her puppy dog eyes down to her adorable kankles. Like […]


I love working with little people because, well, their just so little! And cute and innocent and simple. And with little people, my work soon turns into play. I first met Abigale at my friend Vivian’s wedding a year and a half ago. She was a baby then, but she has since grown into a […]

It’s a Great Day to be Four!

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Here Comes Spring!

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