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Looking For Retrievers?

Sand & Sage Hunt Test

Hello, if you’re stopping by to see photos of the Sand & Sage AKC Hunting Test in April, follow the link below to see the online galleries. New albums are being added for the next few days, so be sure and check back if you don’t see what or who you are looking for. Sand […]

White High Energy Cattle Dog Running a Dirt Trail With a Smile

White cattle dog running on dirt trail wearing a smile and tongue hanging out.

My awesome Milo dog. A beautuful cattle dog mix we adopted through Benton Franklin Humane Society. Available for licensing on iStock. Like this:Like Loading…

Best Friends

Best Friends

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Love of Horses

Love of Horses

This video features footage from a photo session in Montana during September of 2012 with two of my nieces playing with and showing their love of horses on a beautiful autumn day. My niece Karlie took her favorite photographs and video from the shoot and put them together with a beautiful song. The weather was very […]

My Water Loving Dog


Milo, my crazy dog, loves to run through water. I discovered this his first day home after we adopted him from Benton Franklin Humane Society. After getting settled in and checking out his new back yard, he ran, jumped and frolicked through our backyard fish pond. Many times. Through it. Up and down the water […]

Adopt A Dog Month


American Humane Society is promoting October as Adopt A Shelter Dog Month. Thirteen years ago, our family adopted Buddy through Pet Over Population of Tri-Cities. He so lived up to his name by becoming a great friend not only to our other dog – Leroy, but to our entire family. August 13 of this year, […]

“The squirrel that you kill in jest, dies in earnest.” ~Henry David Thoreau

Mamma squirrel and her baby

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Follow Me!

Horse Following Woman

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Been thinking about horses lately, as I’ll be shooting a trail ride in Montana this month. Thought it’d be a good time to post a few of my favorite equestrian images from the past. Can’t wait to make some more. Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR. Like this:Like Loading…

Karlie & Diego

The Body Guard

Wow, it’s almost time for another Montana journey, and I haven’t yet had time to process my favorites from the last recent trip. Here are a few from a session with Karlie & Diego in July. I love spending time with Karlie and her horses. They’re so friendly and fun. The mosquitoes were not friendly […]

Fish For Dinner

I paid a visit to my favorite osprey nest while on a Saturday evening hike yesterday. The nest is at the end of Chamna Natural Preserve and overlooks the Yakima River. Looks like I showed up just in time for dinner. Momma was on the nest with the chicks and papa showed up with this […]

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