My Water Loving Dog

Milo, my crazy dog, loves to run through water. I discovered this his first day home after we adopted him from Benton Franklin Humane Society. After getting settled in and checking out his new back yard, he ran, jumped and frolicked through our backyard fish pond. Many times. Through it. Up and down the water fall and back through the pond again. And again. Our poor fish. It so wasn’t funny, but it was so funny. I was caught off guard and was laughing so hard, it didn’t even cross my mind to capture his crazy antics on camera. Recently though, Milo and I hiked Bateman Island on a beautiful autumn day. When we reached the shoreline, I removed his new back pack that we were trying out for the first time and his leash. You’ll see in this video his reaction to the really BIG fish pond (Columbia River).

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